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Download Footage at a Lower Price with a Getty Images Coupon Code

Getty Images is considered as the leading stock media agency today because of two reasons. It has a diverse collection of stock assets and an organized library. With over 200 million content, you will surely find what you are looking for. The stock site offers two types of license: rights managed and royalty free. Determine your creative needs and budget to find out which license is suitable for you. There are also two ways to purchase content – a la carte and with Ultrapacks.

Buying content from Getty Images a la carte can be more expensive than most microstock agencies. A single item can cost $125 each. If you only need one asset for your creative project, this buying option may suit you well. However, buying an Ultrapack may be more appropriate for bulk orders. Ultrapacks come in different volume sizes and image resolutions. They allow you to download a certain number of assets at a discounted price.

Getty Images Stock Footage at a Glance


Getty Images is the go to place for many brands, advertisers, broadcasters and other companies. It has been in the industry for over 20 years, and has continued a good reputation. In May 2016, it acquired Corbis Motion, Images and Veer to provide a more comprehensive and diverse collection to its avid consumers. That’s why their global reach is unparalleled. You can find millions of premium stock footage to suit any theme or style of your project.

Here is a brief summary of Getty Images stock footage:

  • The stock media agency has over 50,000 hours of film in its library.
  • You can use them for commercial and editorial purposes, depending on the type of license you purchase with them.
  • Getty’s collection include archival content from media partners, such as BBC Motion and National Geographic.
  • The two licensing options that you can purchase are rights managed and royalty free.
  • You can purchase stock footage in two ways – a la carte and with Ultrapacks.
  • Getty has a wide pricing range that varies based on intended use, clip size, image resolution and rights needed.
  • The stock site boasts one of the highly searchable and neatly organized libraries in the market.
  • You can also purchase additional content to stock footage, including audio and still media.

Getty Images Coupon Code


Do you want to have the Getty experience but do not have enough budget? No problem! There are Getty Images coupon codes, like on this site, you can use to further your savings. You can get 30% off when you buy Ultrapacks or $100 off when sign up with an Ultrapack. These money-saving methods also help you complete your creative projects ten times faster as they do not involve complicated processes at checkout.


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