Online Spaces Where You can Use Cheap Stock Photos Effectively

Cheap stock photos may not be popular to most, but there importance cannot be denied. Their visual impact can make the difference between lower and higher conversion rates. That’s why millions of stock images, illustrations and vectors are available in the Internet. Regardless of their price and quality, the demand for them is pretty high. You can use them in various projects, but the most impact they make are on the following:

Online Spaces Where You can Use Cheap Stock Photos

  • Homepage. Adding cheap stock photos on your homepage can tell a stronger and more compelling story than mere text. They can capture viewers’ attention at a glance. However, you need to be careful about the images you choose for your homepage. You should consider the objective of the page and the message you want to impart. You also need to have a better understanding of your audience, especially what grabs their attention the most.
  • Landing Page. The landing page is an important of your website. It determines the number of viewers who will stay and convert. So instead of boring your visitors with words and paragraphs of studies and statistics, convince them with cheap stock images. Use the right images to drive your point by using them as Call to Action (CTAs). You can also get the right license to perform customizations that will boost the conversion rates of your landing page. Of course, the photos you should choose connects to your brand.

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  • Social Media Posts. Posting photos in various social media channels is effective in encouraging the market to hire a service or try a product. On Facebook, visual content breeds more engagement. In fact, a recent study shows that Facebook posts with images generate 55% more Likes than text-only updates. Adding images to posts all the time is not easy, but the right stock images can make the task more manageable. Click this site!
  • Blog Posts. Cheap stock photos, when used in blogs, increase engagement. Choosing the right visuals for your content is as important as using them to advertise your brand. Of course, you need to choose relevant and relatable images that suggest a connection to your blog content in order to make your visitors more engaged.
  • Call to Action. A call to action (CTA) is considered as the pathway to higher conversion rates. Incorporating stock photos as visual aids to CTA triggers a positive response. It the right image is used, visitors will be more compelled to click through.

Wherever you are adding cheap stock photos – social media posts, blog posts, call to action, homepage or landing page – you need to choose a simple but interesting image. You need photos that are attractive and clutter-free. Most of all, you need them to be relevant and relatable.

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