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5 Advantages of Using Cheap Stock Footage for Video Productions

Cheap stock footage is a short clip that has been filmed to represent a generic idea or event. You can use it in any type of video productions as it covers a wide range of topics from city skylines, nature shots, and natural disasters. You can purchase and download them instantly through credits with your preferred stock media agency. It includes the necessary licenses and releases, so you do not have to worry about copyright issues along the way.


  • Lower production costs. Compared to conducting your own shoot, purchasing cheap stock footage is a lot cheaper. You do not have to worry about travel expenses, talent fees and equipment costs. In addition, the clip is generic. You can use it in more than one production without paying for extra fees.
  • Time-saver. Since cheap stock footage is immediately available for purchase and download, you can save a lot of production time – especially if the clip readily fit into the flow of the video. You don’t need to go on location to conduct the shoot, set up the scene, wait for the entire crew to arrive, and wait for the video to be processed. With the large amount of time you are saving, you can work on post production to get your story together.
  • Helps convey a message. Cheap stock footage bridges the gap of one scene to another. It helps film makers convey a story to their audience – especially if weather conditions and situations do not permit them. For instance, the video requires rain as a transition between scenes but the weather is too sunny during production. It also sets the location. For instance, shots of the Eiffel tower establishes that the story was shot in Paris.
  • Superb quality. Cheap stock footage is taken by the most talented contributors around the world, so you can be sure that you are getting only the best quality in the market. Videos are available in web, standard definition, high definition, 2K and 4K. You can choose whichever suits your creative needs and budget, we recommend the highest resolution so you don’t regret it in the future.
  • Exclusive access. You can only get shots of historical events and times with cheap stock footage. For instance, presidential speeches, war footage and news stories are some of the major events that cannot be duplicated today. If you are working on a documentary about the Vietnam War, stock footage helps increase the reliability of your video without recreating the original scene.

Cheap stock footage offers a number of benefits. It helps lower production costs, save time, convey a message, over high quality, and give exclusive access to historical events that cannot be duplicated. It gives you more time and resources to make your project more amazing.

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