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Qualities of a Good Dollar Photo Club Alternative


If you are one of the members of the stock photo website, you should already start looking for a Dollar Photo Club alternative so your creative projects will not be interrupted. You should have researched already potential image sources that will continue to provide you with high quality images. If you have not done any of these things, you should get going. You would not want to stop working on your creative projects when April 15, 2016 comes.

Are you stuck at looking for your stock photo website? We are glad to help. Here are the qualities you should look for to find a good Dollar Photo Club alternative:

  • High quality. The DPC is known for their professional quality images in high resolutions. Your next primary image source should possess the same superior quality. Of course, creative assets should include royalty-free license so you can use them in any project for as long ass you like.
  • Wide variety. The DPC offers millions of high quality images. It is only proper that your Dollar Photo Club alternative offer the same. Your next stock photo agency should have a growing library of amazing assets as well.
  • Simple pricing. Undeniably, the DPC has some of the simplest pricing in the stock photo industry. You can choose between an annual and monthly subscription plan, whichever suits your creative needs and budget. Your next image source should offer simple pricing as well, without hidden fees and commitment, like the DPC.
  • Exclusive to members. The DPC is only available to limited members, keeping the website smooth and fast to navigate. For a straightforward pricing, you get to enjoy exclusive features and select benefits. Your Dollar Photo Club alternative should also possess the same exclusivity.


If you are already looking for your next primary stock photo site, you will know that there are only a few agencies that fit all these qualities. Some may have millions of high quality images in their library but come at a high cost. Some may be very cheap, but you will end up with poor quality assets. However, there are only a couple that offers high quality images for a very low price. So when you find one, be sure to sign up immediately. Remember, they might be available to limited members only.

If you have not found a Dollar Photo Club alternative yet, you might want to check 99 Club. The stock photo website is curated by Stock Photo Secrets and offers similar products with the DPC. It offers high quality images with royalty-free license and at high resolutions. It also offers straightforward pricing with no hidden fees and no auto-renew. Moreover, limited members are only allowed to sign up. So, get your spot now!

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